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Specialized consulting and writing services to advance the public good

Serving think tanks, higher ed, nonprofits, and publishers

Bowerbird Communications, LLC

Levitating Objects

Writing & Editing Services

We advance evidence and knowledge through writing and editing services and by illuminating stories that inform and benefit the public interest. 


Popular: Policy briefs, white papers, feature articles, one-pagers, press releases

Planting a Tree

Grant Writing &

We help secure research and programmatic funding through grant writing and development services. 

Track record: We have helped our clients secure more than $2.5M in funding from private funders since 2020. 

Popular: Faculty-focused support, grant research, grant writing


Project Management

We provide critical bandwidth and management expertise, helping to shape communications and publications through project and editorial management.

Popular: publication management, editorial guidance, content development



JENNIFER ROCHE is an experienced consultant, writer, and editor who works with leaders at think tanks, research institutions, universities, nonprofits, and publishers. 

She advances evidence and knowledge through writing and editing services, secures research and programmatic funding through grant writing and development, guides and shapes communications through project and editorial management, and illuminates stories that inform and benefit the public interest. 

Roche’s clients include Climate Policy Initiative, The University of Chicago, Booth School of Business, MIT, UC Law SF, World Bank Group, Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago, Comer Family Foundation, and McGraw Hill. Since 2020, she has helped her clients secure over $2.5M in funding.

Her writing has appeared in Inside Philanthropy, National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) Digest, Becker Friedman Institute for Economic Research News, SciArt, State of the Planet, and Entrepreneur.

Roche is a former executive editor for McGraw Hill. She earned a BS in finance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and an MLA from the University of Chicago.

Roche is committed to improving equity and the pursuit of positive outcomes for those most often overlooked by research and policy goals. Her pronouns are she/her/hers.

Headshot: Mary Rafferty Photography


I turn to Bowerbird when I need a story or project handled smoothly and reliably. Jennifer is more than just an expert and effective writer and editor. Sensitive to organizational needs, issues, and nuances, she readily grasps assignments—even the complicated, ill-defined or evolving ones—and independently dives in to figure out what she needs to know to produce effective communications. She listens, points out potential gaps or pitfalls, welcomes feedback, and is always ready to iterate, although her first submissions are almost always rock-solid and ready to print. She has been a joy to work with.

TS, University of Chicago

Jennifer and I were colleagues at, writing and editing city sites, where the work load was monumental. Not only did she juggle her various responsibilities seamlessly, she often took time to help co-workers and encourage the new writers joining our team. In my experience, it's uncommon to find a person with Jennifer's skills -- who is also as thoughtful, hard-working and genuinely kind. Working with Jennifer was a highlight of my years at I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.

IT, Writer and Researcher

Jennifer Roche was the executive editor in charge of this book and she has taken up this task with aplomb, shepherding the project through the various stages in a professional, fair, and enthusiastic way.

Acknowledgments, Internet Business Models and Strategies by Afuah and Tucci

Named 2020 Business Partner to the University of Chicago


University of Chicago

Working with Bowerbird has been an excellent experience. Bowerbird has helped us craft high-profile, complex, and sensitive communications in a higher education and research environment. The Bowerbird team is highly skilled, professional and responsive. We would strongly recommend Bowerbird to anyone in need of communications expertise and robust content creation.

Shana Whitehead, Chief of Staff,
IT Services, UChicago

Jennifer Roche is an exceptional writer who has covered stories about complex technical economics research using a reader-friendly approach. She is an outstanding collaborator and consistently offers excellent guidance and service.

AB, Booth School of Business

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