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 Option A: Hourly Rates 


Best for when -

You have a small, one-time project or occasional projects.

You're not ready to commit to a retainer package.

Details -

-Free 15-minute consult

-Minimum 3 hours

-No discount on hourly offered with retainers

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 Option B: Retainer Packages 

Best for when -

You need a “go-to” writer, project manager, and/or communications consultant connected with your team who knows your work style, voice, and requirements and doesn't need a ton of oversight.

You have larger special projects that you need completed effectively but are beyond the reach of your staff's expertise or bandwidth.

You need to move through critical work backlogs (e.g., web updates, blog copy, proposals, etc.)

You need professional, experienced support, but don't want to hire a full-time employee.

You need help with strategy, planning, social media, media outreach or other  communications and marketing needs on an ongoing basis.

You have a fixed monthly budget or need to budget for future support.

You want to take advantage of discounted retainer package rates.

You need to secure support during busy season or staff shortages.

You need a capable project manager to lead content development projects, manage writers, and help you scale up to complete large or complex content projects.


-Free 1-hour consult

-The retainer packages are structured under contract in 2-, 4-, 6-, and 12-month options. Can be renewed.

-Packages are non-refundable and may not be carried over from month-to-month. (Exceptions made for non-profit organizations in some circumstances.)

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 Option C: By the Project 


If you have project or budget considerations that require unique arrangements and don’t fit into the hourly or retainer package structures, please let me know so I can customize something for your needs.

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