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Economics Research and business writing

I have extensive experience reporting on economics and business research. Below are many of the scholars who I have worked with or whose work and conferences I have covered. What stories can I help you tell?

Sumit Agarwal  National University of Singapore    
Ufuk Akcigit  University of Chicago 

Juliano Assunção PUC-Rio
David  Autor  MIT    
Jeremy Bejarano  University of Chicago    
Martin Bronfenbrenner  Duke University*    
Francisco Buera  Federal Reserve    
Jing Cai  University of Michigan  
Souphala Chomsisengphet   Office of the Comptroller of Currency    
Gian Luca Clementi   New York University

Russell Cooper   Pennsylvania State University    
Carlos Dobkin   UC Santa Cruz    
Liran Einav   Stanford University    
Philipp  Eisenhauer   University of Bonn    
Amy  Finkelstein   MIT  
Chiara Frotto   University of Chicago
Martin Gaynor   Carnegie Mellon   
Matthew Gentzkow    Stanford University 
John Haltiwanger   University of Maryland

Lars Peter Hansen University of Chicago 
Hugo  Hopenhayn   UCLA  
Sonia  Jaffe    University of Chicago   
Boyan Jovanovic    New York University
Raymond  Kluender   MIT
Andreas Ravndal Kostol  University of Bergen  
David  Laidler   University of Western Ontario
Edward P. Lazear    Stanford University    
Andrew  Lo    MIT   
Neale  Mahoney    Booth   
Steve  Medema    University of Colorado
David Mitch    University of Maryland    
Magne  Mogstad    Booth  
Casey Mulligan    University of Chicago    
Derek Neal    University of Chicago    
Matthew  Notowidigdo    Northwestern University   
Tomas  Philipson   University of Chicago   
Armin Rick    Cornell University 
Hugh Rockoff    Rutgers University    
Esteban Rossi-Hansberg    Princeton University 
Thomas Sargent    New York University    
Jesse M. Shapiro    Brown University   
Stefanie  Stantcheva    Harvard Society of Fellows   
George Stigler*     University of Chicago  
Johannes Stroebel    New York University  
Che-Lin Su*  University of Chicago  
Amir Sufi  Booth   
Chad Syverson  Booth   
George Tavlas    Bank of Greece  
Robert M. Townsend  MIT 
Chris Udry    Yale University 
Jacob  Viner*   University of Chicago  
Alessandra  Voena   University of Chicago  
Neil  Wallace    Pennsylvania State University   
E. Glen  Weyl   Yale and Microsoft Research
Chris Woodruff   University of Oxford  
Danny  Yagan   University of California at Berkeley   
Victor Zhorin   University of Chicago   

* Deceased.