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Research Communication,
Science Communication, &
Fractional Communications Director Services

Expand the reach of your work without compromising quality, teamwork, or your  budget.


I've worked with top researchers and research organizations around the globe to help them expand the reach of their work. My clients include  the Becker Friedman Institute for Research in Economics at the University of Chicago, Climate Policy Initiative - Brazil, and the Consortium on Financial Systems & Poverty, an economics research group funded by a multi-million dollar grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and based at the University of Chicago.

My fractional communications services provide your organization with a customized package that allows you to gain a "go to" communications team member. Benefit from high-quality, professional communications support that keeps you looking professional, polished, and advances your work.

Services Offered

Policy Briefs | Planning & Strategy | Project and Content Management | Web Development, Content, & Maintenance | Writer | Acquisitions Editor | Technical Writer | Social Media Management | Thought Leadership | Conference Coverage & Reporting | Proposals |  Presentations | Media Outreach and Relations | Interviews | Researcher Bios | Capacity Statements | FAQs |  Infographics | Explainer Videos | YouTube Management | Copyediting | Marketing Comms | Substantive Editing | Proofreading | Editor-in-Chief and Communications Director Services