Elegy for a Dead Camel: Plastics, Art & the Environment

TAKEAWAY: I believe artists may be in the best position to evoke empathy and share the stories of our planet. I'm in awe of this work by artist Chris Jordan.

This is a close-up of what was found in the stomach of a dead camel in the Arabian desert, sent to Jordan by a scientist friend of his. It is so haunting. Watching this video > 10,000 blog posts on how plastic damages our planet. To find intrigue, even beauty, within the great challenges of our era is a true gift of talent and generosity.

"My hope with this piece is to create a kind of vigil for one camel, who gave its life to contain this intolerable conglomeration of human detritus. I care about the bigger phenomenon of desert plastic pollution, and what it mirrors back to us about the insanity of our disposable culture. And equally important for me is the life of this camel, one innocent creature, who, like the albatross, can not know what we know."

--Chris Jordan

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