Revealing pigeon thermoregulation: intriguing images from 2017 Wellcome Awards

Ever since Harold Edgerton caught a milk drop on film in his MIT lab in the 1950s, photography's love letter to science only gets longer.

Witness this year's stream of beautiful images from the 2017 Wellcome Awards, captured via all kinds of (relatively) new methods: fluorescence microscopy; computed tomography (CT) and 3D printing; confocal microscopy; and other digital imaging techniques.

As a lay person, I found it most fun to scroll through the gallery asking myself "Ooh, what's that?" Then, I dug into the descriptions to learn more from the 1000 words behind them.

This image, titled "Pigeon Thermoregulation," was created by Scott Echols in collaboration with the Grey Parrot Anatomy Project. I especially love it for its instant revelation of the anatomy within (though I wish it was cropped at the bottom of the neck for an extra kick of drama).

Enjoy the complete gallery here (and vote for your favorite).

The awards are supported by the Wellcome Trust. Voting is open through August 2017.

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