Solar Eclipse Chatbot


This is a personal topic bot with a script design to enhance the user's experience of the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse. It is an educational FAQ chatbot with monetization features.

Intro (Onboarding)

The 2017SolarEclipseChatBot is an informational chatbot designed to help you enjoy and learn more about the total solar eclipse due to occur in the USA on August 21, 2017. Its goal is to answer your eclipse FAQs. It's a simple bot but it knows a joke and has something to say about Ozzy Osbourne. The info comes from NASA's great website, but they were not part of this bot project. Try HEY or WHAT'S AN ECLIPSE to begin. Queries to the bot with two or more words work best. Enjoy!


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Chatbot Script

Approximately 150 question pairs in Knowledge Database


Microsoft QnA Maker


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