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Why Bowerbird?

1. You gain an experienced and professional writer, editor, and communications strategist to support your team without the expense of hiring a full-time, C-suite employee.

2. You gain more than a writer. I produce visual content. I know SEO. Infographics. Web production. Social media. I vet, organize, and manage teams to achieve objectives. I save you time and headaches by giving you a single point person to manage or produce your projects.

3. I'm adept at interfacing with high-profile thought leaders and important clients. I bring experience, poise, and professionalism to your "high touch" projects and clients.

4. I'm adept at synthesizing and “translating” complex information and research for non-experts.

5. Reasonable revisions? Multiple iterations? No problem. I’m dedicated to creating work that helps you shine and achieve your goals.

6. You gain a team player who meets your professional expectations. I'm goal-oriented, deadline-driven, and I have a background in finance, so I manage budgets effectively, too.

7. You gain an outside eye to help alleviate logjams, add clarity, and move forward.

What is the current shape of  your draft or proposal? Off track? Stuck? Send me what you have. I'll provide clarifying feedback, restructuring, and focus that will help get you back on track.

8. Your location is no problem. I provide effective support to teams located around the world, so you can access high-quality English writing and editing support from wherever you are located.

9. I won't go AWOL during your project. I match your work style preferences and work flow. I’m responsive and stay in close touch -- or not -- as you like.

10. Use my project management services for completing many projects or scaling up for larger ones.

I can vet, hire, and manage teams of writers to help you achieve your objectives smoothly, efficiently, and affordably.

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